Zero-Down/Zero-Interest Payment Plans

Bail bonds are expensive, there is no denying that. Especially when bail amounts are set relatively high, the question arises, “How can anyone afford that?” Well, in an attempt to make bail more accessible and more affordable to everyone, Tenwick's All-Mobile Bail Bonds began doing something that no one else had ever been willing to do… In 2004, the Tenwick's became the first bail agency owners in Southern California to offer a zero-down/zero-interest payment plan to their prospective clients. And it was an immediate hit! With minimum payments starting at a mere $100-per-month - whether the bail was set at $5000 or $500,000 – bail had suddenly become affordable to almost everybody.

Today, our Zero-Down/Zero-Interest/$100-a-Month payment plans are more popular than ever. When credible, hard-working clients are willing and able to provide some form of collateral as a means of guaranteeing a bail transaction, it means that everyone – not just the bail bondsman - has something invested. In exchange for the additional measure of security that collateral provides, the Tenwick's and All-Mobile Bail Bonds can essentially afford to “wait” to be paid. By leaving our clients and their families with more money in their pockets, people are better able to manage the additional expenses that come along with being arrested… Lawyers, rehab, counselling, fines, or just plain old rent, diapers and groceries! With a Zero-Down/Zero-Interest/$100-a-Month payment plan from Tenwick's All-Mobile Bail Bonds, your chances of success go up while your monthly expenses do not.
Our Zero-Down programs create a Win-Win financial situation in your family's time of need. Please call us anytime – day or night – to discuss the details

Veterans discount

Some people were called upon to give more in the name of their country than those around them… Some people volunteer, even now, to stand guard over America, our way of life and our most cherished institutions. That being said, there is absolutely no amount of “thanks” that can ever show our veterans – past and present – just how grateful we are… About all that we can do is offer a legal, state-filed 8% premium rate for any of our customers who have served this great nation in any of America's armed forces.
From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your service!


Union member discount

From experience, All-Mobile Bail Bonds has come to believe in the reliability of the working men and women of America. That is why we offer a legal, state-filed 8% premium rate for any of our customers who are current union members. From teachers and truckers to factory workers and armed forces… you take care of business and for that you have earned a break!
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Senior Citizen Discount

The American Association of Retired Persons represents one of the largest and most powerful groups of men and women in America today… Retired people, baby boomers, senior citizens… Call them what you will, these are a diverse and enormous group of people from across every race, every creed and every class of citizen… And they have absolutely paid their dues! That is why we offer a state-filed 8% premium rate for any and all card-carrying members of the American Association of Retired Persons. America became strong on your watch and we honor you for your efforts.


Up to zero down for homeowners

There is no better guarantee in the bail bond business than the signature of a homeowner… And there is no better security for a bail bond than real property. If you are current on your mortgage but short on cash, we can offer you up to zero percent down with no finance charges and low monthly payments. Put your equity to work for you. Call Rebecca Tenwick and her staff now for more information.
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Private attorney discount

Statistically, defendant's who are represented by privately retained defense attorney's experience better outcomes in court… Better outcomes mean that folks are more likely to show up. And that reduced risk deserves a discount! Clients of privately retained defense lawyers are always charged 8% for our services. Tell your lawyer about us today and have him or her give our offices a call…

Recently, a new private attorney discount rate has been approved by the California Department of Insurance. To further recognize the value and importance of retained private counsel in the practice of ... Read more
Remember: the less you are initially required to spend with a bail agency, the more money you will have available to pay your private criminal defense attorney's retainer fee… Our zero-down programs are specifically designed to allow folks to be able to afford the best of both worlds: Freedom and Representation!


Cab ride home from jail

It is the middle of the night. You have to be at work in the morning… But your loved one is being released from the county jail tonight. Relax. Go back to sleep. All-Mobile Bail Bonds contracts with the many reputable local taxi cab companies; we can get him or her home safely to you. In many cases we'll even pick up the cab fare…
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